Trainings / Seminars

At KM VET PHARM, we believe in contributing back towards the betterment of the industry. Hence, we generously share many of our breakthroughs and latest discoveries at Training Programmes, Seminars, Workshops, Expos and Exhibitions. We continue to play an active role as a Member of the Veterinary Association of Malaysia (VAM) and Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary Continuing Education by inviting experts to talk on the latest advances in Veterinary alternative medicines to their members.

Our clients constantly seek our advice and the benefit of our expertise and unique knowhow in improving their Farm Management Practices, Animal Healthcare Maintenance, etc.

These are some of the platforms in which we continue making a major difference and aspiring to raise the standards in the industry.

We believe there's always a better way and we are committed to discovering it and improving on all aspects of our operations. Our drive to constantly improve on all our products, services and solutions and the breakthrough discoveries that come with it are in turn channeled to keep our clients surprised, impressed and satisfied. That's a thrill that drives us to keep getting better, day after day, year after year.