Products & Services

KM VET PHARM has become the most trusted and preferred source for benefits-rich and value-packed products, services and solutions for the small and large animals industry.

Our clients know that they can rely on our prompt response and action. After listening to your problems and needs over the phone, we advice on the wisest, time-tested remedial action. First, we guide you on how to diagnose the problem and then deliver the solutions and products you may need to solve it. In major cases, or upon our clients request, we come and personally assess the situation first-hand to ensure that each and every action gets optimum results and is effective and cost-effective. We believe in solving an immediate problem, identifying its root causes and preventing future occurrence.

As a Trading Company, Distributor and Wholesaler, we support our clients with Animal Medication, Animal Feed, Animal Supplements, Surgical Instruments and Appliances, Training for Livestock Breeders and Farmers, Veterinary Clinics as well as provide Pet Grooming, Boarding and Related Services to customers.

All our products have been verified by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau and sought after by a wide range of clientele comprising the Departments of Veterinary Services, Zoos, Veterinary Clinics, Livestock Farms, Turf Clubs, Animal Sanctuaries, Animal Welfares, NGOs, Pet Shops and Pet Lovers, all around Malaysia.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, KM Vet Pharm also gives Complimentary Services and Support to animal shelters, including Lotus Liberation Park, ISCON Farm and many more. Its contribution includes veterinary services, medications, feed and Community Awareness Programmes, to help poor farmers and livestock owners.

We also have an In-House KM ANIMAL CLINIC & SURGERY at our very own premises, aimed at providing both treatment and grooming services for pets.