Animal Hospital

Kick Stop




Classification: ANIMAL HOSPITAL

Presentation: Equipment

Targeted species:

Bovine (Cattle)

Pack size:

1 unit


The kick stop is used primarily to prevent kicking during milking. It is also useful to prevent being kicked during some veterinary procedures. The device is hooked under the flank just in front of the back leg, and the top end is then hooked over the backbone. This seems to have a physical as well as some psychological effect to stop kicking.

This improved kick stop has different hook shapes to suit the back bone and the flank - the backbone hook is longer, and has a red cap to distinguish it from the bottom end flank hook which is blue capped. The length adjustment knobs are large, easy-to-use, and are offset from centre so they are not accidentally depressed by contact with the shed breach rail. Made of heavy duty galvanised steel with a maximum opening of 70cm.


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